NVidia Vista Drivers are Still Awful

I just installed version 15.00 of the nForce4 Nvidia drivers, and it seems that they have caused my onboard network adapters to go crazy. In other words, my something is seriously wrong.

I am getting error messages like “Ping: transmit failed, error code 1232” from the command prompt and messages like “Windows tried a repair but a problem still exists. The network adapter does not have a valid IP configuration.” When I edit my manual IPv4 settings, it seems like it will not save my IP address sometimes (and other times it will).

Suffice to say, if you are having these problems, I feel your pain. The best way I found to fix it is to go to the Device Manager and uninstall the network adapters, without checked the “Uninstall Driver” box. The network adapter will immediate reinstall itself, and most of the time my network worked (temporarily) after that. I have heard reports that going into sleep mode will break the network. In my case, changing to a manual IP address will _sometimes_ break the network again. Sometimes unplugging the cable and plugging it back in will fix this.

I know, I should have a better fix than this, but it just seems so random. I haven’t been able to track down a repeatable pattern. This all worked flawlessly before the driver update, so I would suggest waiting until a newer release.


I have some new (albiet incomplete) information on when my manual IP address configuration is not saved.

It seems like the reason it forgets my IP address has something to do with the fact that I set both adapters to use the same IP address. The reason for this is that I only have one hooked up at a time and it saves me from adding extra port forwarding rules to the router. The “Are you sure you want to use this IP address” dialog will pop up once and only once. I will never see it again afterward using that IP address, but if I set both adapters to a different IP then I will get the dialog once again. It seems like it is at that point that the second adapter I added the IP address to will not save its information, and that IP address is forever “broken” in that I can no longer use it. If I switch to a different IP address then I have connectivity again until I use it with both adapters (remember, only one is plugged in), at which point I get the dialog and that address becomes unusable.

Somewhere Vista or the nVidia drivers are remembering these IP addresses, and not working correctly when I try to use them.

To show you the craziness, here is a screenshot of my current network details (that are working, since I’m able to make this post):


Now observe the properties for this network adapter:


Notice the two blank entries?  This time, at least I have a default gateway.  That’s missing sometimes, too.


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  2. Moudi on

    I have the same problem, but iam not using NVidia Driver Iam using Realtek NIC Adapter. I want a solution for this problem can any body help?????

  3. Jenn on

    I too am having the same problem. I do have NVidia, but it’s what came with my computer and I have not had any problems for over a year until just recently.

  4. Mat on

    Same thing here 😦 it’s worked fine for months and now the nForce NIC has suddenly decided not to talk to Vista any more.

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