Using a self reference in a field declaration (+1 VB.Net)

When declaring a field, C# does not allow you to use the “this” keyword, whereas does VB.Net allow you (though it is called “Me”).


Private _ClassNeedsRef As New ClassNeedsRef (Me)


private ClassNeedsRef _ClassNeedsRef ;

public ClassWithRef() {
    _ClassNeedsRef = new ClassNeedsRef(this);

When trying to think of a reason for this, a friend of mine, Robert, suggests that C# may do this for clarity reasons, though this is only a guess.

At first we though that C# may not want to pass an unconstructed reference, but this cannot be the case, since it does allow you to pass the reference in the constructor.


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  1. Ecko on

    nice share, thanks

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