Vista Hold ‘Em Strategy

The new Poker Texas Vista Hold’Em game that comes with Vista Ultimate is a lot of fun.  However, I have spoiled it for myself by finding a few strategies that almost guarantee you win.  Basically, you just bully the computers into giving you their money.  They are very easy to bluff if you do it the right way!

1) If you do not have a good hand, just bet a lot!  They’ll fold almost every time.  Even if they have a good hand, they’ll probably still fold.  The key is to raise consistently.  It seems that the AI does have some bluff-detecting features, but unless the computer is sure, it won’t call you out.


2) If you do have a good hand, don’t bet until the last possible moment.  I know, this sounds crazy.  But if you just check and call until the very last chance, and then go all-in, and if the computer has a decent hand, it will think you are just bluffing, and call you.  Of course, you probably have it beat, since it’s setting its expectations low at this point.  With this little trick, I have taken out three computer players at once.  +$4000 gain in one hand.  šŸ™‚

In this screenshot, I started with a great hand, and flopped an even better one.  I checked the entire time, and then tricked Wojo.  It was too bad he was the only player stayed in, or I would have had them all out.

In the next screenshot, while I did not have a good hand until the end on this one, I checked the whole time… even after I got the pair of Aces, so the computer thought I had nothing.  So, it went all in at the end.  I just countered with my own all-in.  This tells me that the computer tends to have a “one hand” memory, and tends to think you don’t have anything if you check.



So basically, best exactly opposite to what your hand dictates.  Keep in mind that the other players may actually have good cards though!  So bet on vapor only if you know they’ll fold.

My Stats

I just mess around sometimes, like going all-in when anyone could tell you that’s stupid.  This, of course, brings my statistics down.  But with that in mind, here are my current stats:


3 comments so far

  1. Doug on

    Yes, this is pretty lame – eventually it gets boring. I have a 75% tourney rating and the only challenge now is to see how fast you can end the game.
    I tend to double anything that is bet first round and early in the game the computer players will fold on a $10 bet most of the time, and nearly always if it is $120 or more.

  2. Joe on

    It’s fun for the moment but I expect it to get boring. Like you guys said, its super easy to bluff. If I get in a real poker game and start playing like this, I’ll get my clock cleaned in a hurry. Needs an upgrade for higher skill level.

  3. Matt on

    Also going all-in on the first hand you are nearly guaranteed at least one if not two callers. Use this to your advantage if you feel like gambling!

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