Steve Jobs on Unions

There is some negative review on Steve Jobs statement regarding the state of school unions.  While I am not an Apple fan, I do need to agree with Steve on this one.  Being from Michigan myself, and seeing the recent loss of so many of our factories due to unions, his statement repeats what I have believed for a long time: Unions served their purpose years ago, but now, they’re out of control.

I’m not an economist, so forgive my common-man terminology and views.

Unions will increase the wages and increase wages to the point that people who’s job it is to insert part A into slot B will be making six times the amount of money as somebody who’s job it is to insert bun A onto meat patty B.

What’s wrong with union members making so much money?  I have a lot of factory worker friends, and of course I would love to see them make all the money in the world.  However, by them making all the money in the world, the products they are making, in turn, cost all the money in the world.

In order to compete with foreign factories, our own factories are almost being pushed oversees because of the incredible wages we pay our factory workers due to the unions.

Would you like a true example?  Here is one from Flint, Michigan.  Recently, Delphi gave its union an ultimatum.  Either lower the worker’s wages, or Delphi would be forced to move out of Flint.  Guess what the union did?  They stood their ground, and now Flint has no Delphi.  In Delphi’s defense, they told the union what needed to happen for them to survive.  The union cared more about the sweet cash they were raking in.

The truth of it is that there will always be a need for those who make less then you.  It’s a hard truth, but one we need to learn in order to keep companies in the United States.  I dream for the day that technology complete removes any pay gaps by doing all of our menial (low paying) work for us, but that day is not here.

So, in response to that article, the only reason teaching hasn’t been outsourced oversees yet is because we haven’t found a good way to do it.  Keep that in mind, teacher unions… you have been warned.


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