Dividing Lines Between Member Groups (+1 VB.Net)

VB.Net’s editor has a nice feature that makes it easy to scroll up and down, looking for a method or property. VB.Net will insert a single pixel line between each property, method, and group of fields.

My guess is that C# doesn’t do this because of the more relaxed formatted. However, this isn’t too large an obstacle. With everything else that the C# editor is missing, I’m am guessing that it just didn’t seem important enough.


4 comments so far

  1. hobbit on

    I wish that they had dividing lines in c#…

  2. Rory Becker on

    There is now a DXCore (The framework behind Coderush and REfactorPro) plugin called CR_DrawLinesBetweenMethods which sounds like it does what you want.

  3. Fernando Rodriguez, MCPD on

    The VB editor is IMO the one that’s missing more stuff, like refactoring, proper goto definition support, code-completion, C# editor kind of knows what you’re going to type next compared to VB’s, for example when adding an event handler C# knows which eventHandler delegate you need so after typing += next to the multicast delegate you can just press tab and it completes the line for you, same thing happens when typing new next to a variable declaration, etc. etc.

  4. RLJ, MCPD on

    I would give this a +1 for c#. I dislike the lines in vb. I write and maintain code in both languages and the lines make the vb files seem cluttered.

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