Resize OS partition in Windows Vista

Here’s an easy walkthrough to change your OS partition size in Vista:


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  1. John on

    Thanks for the tip, but you left out one important detail. If I have a 750 gb hd and then when I go to shrink…what am I shrinking?

    Here’s what Vista reports on my hd:

    before shrinking: 699988 mb
    available to shrink: 293240 mb
    enter amount of space to shrink: 293240 mb
    total after shrink: 406568

    This hd came in a Dell pc and has a 15 gb recovery partition and a 683 gb partition with the OS.

    What I want to do is make my OS partition 100 gb and leave the rest for storage, but I am not seeing how to get there.

    I cannot tell from the instructions if I enter 100,000 mb if that will give me a 100 gb OS partition or create a new 100,000 gb blank partition and my OS will be on the 583 gb patition.

    Can you explain a little more here?

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