Eclipse Network Connection Error during Update

In my previous post, I mentioned a reboot seemed to fix my network connection error when I tried to update.  However, the problem was actually that the path length to Eclipse was too long.  The folder I copied Eclipse to was this, which resulted in broken updates:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Eclipse-3.3-wpf

However, Eclipse Updates started working when I changed to folder name it to this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\E-3.3-wpf

Weird, huh!?


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  1. venkat on


    I am facing the same problem and its really really eating my head!!!

    I tried the following

    1.Run as admin user
    2.No my path isnt too long , its something like C:\wtpcomplete\wtp\eclipse\eclipse.exe
    3.I am on eclipse 3.3.0

    What can be wrong!!??? If I had the money to sue microsoft I wd have done that by now!

    The case applies to other software like rapidsvn and tortoiseSvn too. None of the softwares are able to connect !

  2. venkat on

    Figured it out. WINDOWS live one care was blocking all sorts of network activities.Unistalled it and everything started working

  3. blogdude on

    I’m having this problem in Linux now. It’s not a path length issue for me, and trying as root still doesn’t work.

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