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Denying tax credits to companies that ship jobs overseas

It’s obvious that the United States has passed it’s prime.  I’m convinced it’s mostly due to the massive flow of money from our economy to foreign economies.

That’s why I was a bit excited when I read today that Obama was considering denying tax credit to companies that ship jobs overseas.  In principle, I’m not much a fan of Obama due his super-star status getting him elected, however, if he actually invoked this idea, I would worship the land he walked on.

Steps like these obviously need to be made.  I don’t understand why people are so short sited to not realize that money that leaves the United States has little reason to come back.  I like to think of countries (read: economies) as bins of money.  People standing in our bin just keep throwing it into everybody else’s bins.  This is obviously from outsourcing jobs, but less obviously, even from charities (when you see those pictures of the ruined houses in Haiti and help build it up to ten times what it used to be, no one ever thinks about the fact that the money they donate is removed from our own economy).

As a “P.S.”, I don’t much get into politics or economics, so this opinion article may seem a bit simple to those better educated in those fields.