VirtualBox 4.1.2 Installation freezes

I was having a lot of trouble getting VirtualBox 4.1.2 installed on Windows 7 x64.  It kept freezing at about 75%.  Eventually, I’d have to kill the installation process, but VirtualBox would still show up in my Programs and Features as being installed.  Here’s what I did to finally get it working.

1) I had various Citrix and Cisco VPN related products installed, so I uninstalled all of them.  During one of these installs, I was prompted about a VirtualBox install being suspended, though I don’t know if that was relevant.

2) I went into Device Manager and deleted some extra network adapters I had lying around.  The one that stuck out was one that was installed by OpenVPN a while back, even though OpenVPN is no longer installed.

Next time I tried the install, it went without a hitch!


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  1. Kirill on

    Thank You, removing VPN solved the problem. I also got message about suspended VirtualBox install while ininstaling

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