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Shades of Beautiful

As colored crayons, when in my hands,

Draw the mind’s delight,

So, without hold, my love unfolds,

…When you are in within sight.

These colored sticks of creativeness

Unwind and scatter here

Upon this page, this flattened stage

On which I will draw you clear.

In this endeavor I must be clever,

And elect colors with care,

For if I do then I’d capture you,

…From brush to page through hair.

..Your lips, your hips, your fingertips,

…And half-unbridled smile…

Without constraint, and never faint,

…Your all-alluring style.

You’re fourteen shades of lovely,

With two shades of divine,

Sixteen shades of beautiful,

And every shade is mine.

And from each color, comes another

Shade to paint my world,

And with attention… detailed, I mention,

I watch it all unfurl.


Copyright 03-14-2003 Joshua R. Mouch